Funeral services in Warrnambool

Guyetts Funerals provide caring and compassionate funeral services in Warrnambool, helping friends and family create a touching tribute to their loved ones. Our experienced funeral directors work with you to fulfil the wishes of the deceased and those organising the funeral.

Extended Care Funeral

  • A service with a clergy/celebrant.
  • Held in a church/venue.
  • Followed by refreshments.
  • A burial/cremation takes place later in the day.

Dual Service Funeral

  • A service with a clergy/celebrant.
  • Held in a church/venue.
  • A committal at a cemetery or crematorium chapel.

Single Service Funeral

  • A service at church/venue with non-attendance at cemetery/crematorium.
  • A service with a clergy/celebrant.
  • A service at a crematorium chapel.
  • A graveside service.

Essential Care Funeral

  • A direct disposition (burial/cremation) takes place at a time allocated by the funeral director, in conjunction with the cemetery/crematorium staff.
  • No service or mourners.
  • Includes a coffin.

Our role requires the co-ordination of many aspects of the funeral process, from first receiving the call about the passing of your loved one until they are farewelled at their funeral.

  • Transfer your loved one from the place of death.
  • Arrange and co-ordinate the funeral service.
  • Provide mortuary care.
  • Supply a coffin as selected.
  • Liaise with clergy, cemeteries/crematoria, florists, newspapers.
  • Attend to relevant administration and documents such as death certificate, doctor’s certificate and burial and cremation orders.
  • Make available the use of our facilities and equipment including offices, arrangement rooms and viewing rooms.
  • Attend and conduct the funeral service.
  • In some cases then transport your loved one to a crematorium and arrange for the return of the ashes to the family.

Explanation of funeral service fee

Our service fee incorporates the operational costs for all of the facilities, equipment, and staff that are required to operate our business. The service fee also incorporates tasks and services involved in arranging, planning, organising and conducting the funeral.